Time is a lake

And my memories are swimming just barely below


Now mysteries

From a long time ago

A century has hidden the things I could show

So who wants to hear the things I might know?


A story, a tale, drama or myth

Driveling noise, a scratching last wish

I whisper both wisdoms and words that fly free

Some sighs, some strains, some silk worthy keys

Some sounds that mean nothing, and sounds that shed tears

I wield the laurels and spoils

Of one hundred some years


Yet still I'm a boy, a child, hungry with fears


Hear out my voice, though dying and cold

Hear out my voice with love in your ears

It may change your life

As the end of mine nears

My dying white lies

My crying night skies

Through life and through death, I stand in between

I'm lost, alive, I'm more than I seem

Listen, go forth

Carry on my good dream