There's a feathery vague of vision, watery in the air

The breeze is thick and stricken, and I hear its faint infliction

Its pallid veil of frost, glistens with prediction

A low familiar voice, hushed, hidden in the wind

Coldly whispers in;


"The only truth is time, and time it trickles on"


This truth―it floats its law to earth; white blue, cold, and cloudless

But despite the vapor's blur; of fact, of fate and fear

The sunlight lifts back up

Back up within the air

Midday in the meadows, I seek the sky and stare

The fixed ice slowly bends

Crackles from a stem

There's that whisper once again

My conscience in the glare

I see stars, planets, winters ― I see time without an end

I sense a sound once more

I hear my voice again;


"Nothing lasts forever, but life will never end"









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