Which one is stronger?  Whose heart is fonder?

They asked of he and she, as if one was less to be

They danced without reply,

     through those lands of seek and slaughter

As if they sailed on water

No rage within their lungs, no envy on their tongues

They spun like sheets in wind, past the barbed and baiting ones

Past the fall

Past the moods

And the feuds of what may come

They danced their whole life through ―

     through those burning burning guns


Always those will ask, such questions wished unasked

Always those will mask such simple love unmasked

Like hollow birds and deer, we are made with fear inside

That fear it turns unwise, when it leaches past our pride

And it blackens our bright skies

But that fear is lovely hushed when it's ever unreplied

Sweep away the soiled will, and the poison thus implied

Sweep away the cold cruel world

And its tangled spool aside


See the earth through their blind guise, ghostly, hidden,

     veiled from their kind eyes

As one they circled round a stage they fortified

A bird, a deer, a tree they simplified

A bird

A bride

Two shadows undenied












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