I have seen the rise and fall of the water so many times

Always wet with fiction and just faintly damp with truth

I love you

Is a phrase so simply said in youth

These words have vastly spread

With nothing to bare proof


So here I stand in time with affections so extreme

Yet the words that state it true

Have lost the worth of what they mean

These words

These days

Mean nothing if not seen


This fateful fault of man hides the truth I stow within

This love I feel for you

Has made my worthy life begin

These words

These days

Are in the blood beneath my skin


In spite of this deep sense

The waters that I tell have bred to be unclear

So do not be content

By the written sounds you hear

I swear by my right hand

I will make my love appear

And you my love will see

That these words can still be true

And you my love will see

These words

These days

Are in everything I do