Temptation has been written since the days of blood and wine

Temptation comes too often; far too testing to define

What is in that bottle?

It’s different for you than me.

It waits there in that bottle, and it begs us to be free

It asks that dreadful question

That cruel question

Of  ‘What might be ?’


Temptation comes too often

Far too testing to define

If you’re thirsting for a taste, it comes wrapped in violet twine

If you’re scared of your demise, it comes bound as the divine

If your life seems so unfair, it screams out as angry air

 If you’re yearning to be touched, it strides in with flowing hair

If you’re saddened by your looks, a blade will cut back time

If you want what you can’t have, then comes greed, blame, and crime

If you’re human and alive, it comes each and every night

It is found at every door

And in every form of life


Temptation’s in that bottle, and it begs us to be free

So how does one contain what their eyes so want to see?

The answer is quite simple, yet the task takes much more strength

Look past the satisfaction; to your total life at length

Will temptation fill your wish?

Will it taint your treasured blood?

Does the final choice harm you?

Will it hurt the ones you love?