There is a sound

A sound that happens when the orchestra is tuning their instruments

The audience is dimming down to a thousand hints of speech

Whispers of waiting

Fade with the light

My watch is ticking

And the curtain scuffs way for the coming of night


This is the sound that haunts my life

And for reasons unknown, it helps me to see the things that I love

I see blue silk in the shade that drapes from above

I see my wife on her side

Dressed like a dove

I see a painting in whole

And I see the tell of its source

I see these carved words

As it all comes forth


I have traveled the world in search of that sound

That sound

That sound

It shows me what’s coming and what’s to be known

It gives me my past

To bring back home

It acts as the ghost when I’m all alone

And it gave me this painting


From Swan Lake


In Rome






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