There's a spot on the moon, and one on the sun

One black, one red, one for my heart, one for good sense

Like scars, like love, they wait to be drudged

The cast of my past waits to be judged

I'm in a brush, a battle, of memories and pain

I'm in the fields; distant and flat and vast and barren terrain

Nowhere to hide on this faultfinding grain

Nowhere to hide

From the merciless rain

So I fall from the clouds, split by the sun and the blue of the moon

My heart; it beats like a beast like it did in the womb

So fast and so rapt and so readily soon

My heart seeks truth

My heart fears shame

My heart is in flight with my ravenous name

Will I rest when it lands?

And if it lands

Will I die, still held in your hands?