We all have afflictions to trace, dust and pathways and blue devils

to embrace

Each marked memory is so hard

And so arduous to face

I listen, and I know the grudge you drape for that old place

I see the blood you bleed for then, for that chapter in your age

A past, a weakness, a cage

Damned lonely, damned sullen, and mighty

Your emotions run so freely, so seemly, yet so tangled

With stricken words through sour glass you so gravely paint your youth

Each memory sold to sorrow

Each tale a course of clay

A girl in the shadows, curled up in waiting

Fighting through the thick time to carve your strength today

Your sadness, your lone heart, your frigid days before me

Those thoughts they are depressive

Like stalking sights of pain

Yet they are your source of power

Your vital drink of rain

You hark those doleful days to magnify your sight

To reach through what is done

To know what sadness is

To live, and to be

And to love who you've become






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