I know the sea-fight, and the pounding of my will

How it thunders cross my ribs

Babies and lambs, they sleep like I wish, no fortitude nor thrill

I skirt through the angry, the rebels and loud

Marching and marching, their voices hail down

Their voices, like rumbles, on my mud coated skin

Chanting and chanting, as I suffer their sin

Chanting and chanting, as my child grows thin

Cover my ears, cover my eyes, cover my heart from this boisterous wind

Cover this child as I seek its new path

Through the strikers, resisters, through the bandwagon wrath

I carry what matters beyond the bloodbath

I wound by the bite, I weather the fight

I'll raise this child blind

As nobody's wife

Chant all you want, scream in my ear

It's all just a fog waiting to clear

It's all just a fog, cold like the wind

I shelter this child, I fend it within

I'll shelter this child, again and again

So it can grow old, so it can grow tall with a less riled skin

So it can be calm

And its life can begin