You're buried in the coils of a telling hurricane

Like the heavy weight of death, you sing the weight of pain

Yet death is not your aim, only fire in your veins

You simply cannot wait

So you scream you scream your name

For love, unreturned, is pain none the same


The warm liquid of your eyes, it leaks out as poison pleas

They burn like wandered stars, like comets toward the seas

Pushing through the skies, trembling with your lips

They splash down, blazing in the night, like hail upon all ships

Sinking down on me, scorching through my skin

Drowning me with purpose

With vision

A wreckage of ambition


There is no happy ending, no wish at our behest

Our dreamer dies alone as the opera leaves her breath

And with her lonely death, the wind deserts my chest

The scene goes dim from sight

The curtain comes to rest

Yet shadowed in its folds, is found a newborn quest

Saddened and golden



By the opposite of death