In the hollows and high trees of misery’s mind

I crave my answers to be written refined

Yet the fever of this need keeps feelings confined

And taints my eyes

Desperately blind


Coupled with this

The dyes of my questions are muddy like mist

I wonder what it is

That I think I have missed

Here I stand lost

Reasons unknown as to why I exist


Answers & Questions

I wish I could ask

And wish I could know

It’s like a syndrome

Seething to grow


But before this poison swallows my days with its spidery laces

I consider the old saying, that embraces

The answers will be found in the most unlikely of places

And in my dreams I have seen

The ghost of myself

Among more peaceful faces


Answers & Questions

I now understand

Should be widely neglected

All of the world is inevitably connected

And everything will make sense


When least expected














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