In the second that I blink, that second has passed

For one second, in age, goes ever so fast

And a second from now, it will start to snow

For a year can seem

Like one second ago


Time is just a question, so bluntly marked in red

Will you love me back?

Is the question in my head

But this question seems to go, against the red that seems so clear

Since now

One second

Seems like one entire year


It is that query question

That makes me feel quite young

Yet a riddle haunts my clock that wavers on your tongue

For if you answer no

Time will tick so slow

But if you answer yes

Surely shall it snow


One second is obscured

When Love & Time

Have all but met

I’m in love with you

Of that

I am dead set

But before I hear your words

I need to catch my breath

For the sound you utter next

States my life and death


Will you love me back?




Don’t answer me quite yet