Here I stand in time

Staring at my life

I see past my parted years, to my virgin self unwed

To the child, to the maze, to the flesh I have been bred

To the mysteries of my fate, and through all my years ahead

I see a man

So old

He has little left unsaid

I see a boy

At peace

Time is free and so widespread

I see myself, right now, a frayed book still half unread

So much has long been written, and so much still waits ahead

I see my life

In full

A thousand fears run through my head


Fears, doubts, questions reign within:

Have I grown to be the man that I dreamed to be in youth?

Can I look upon myself and judge myself in truth?

Am I on a worthy road to find my worth inside?

And when my time has come to close

Will I close my eyes with pride?


Here I stand in time as my life unfolds as one

I see it all, though still, my sight has yet begun

I see my youth, myself, the years that yet remain

I see a boy, a man, forever one the same

I see my life

In full


How shall I bear my name?