Different days, different years

Different hands that feed the sheep

With every circle through, our helpful heart will seem less new

A rose turned grey, by day, tarnished by the mist

Each day it changes shades, and dies, just a bit

The past, the present, a slate ― with little thanks to come

Still young, humdrum, a withered fool gone numb

A course more like a spill, uphill, and slowing

With all our falls

Now showing


Does the grace bygone destroy us?

Do we let the leaves go black?

Our weary bones, like glass, our merry songs, they crack

The seas will do their best to sink our tired backs

But the choice of one torn voice, is one to scorn the rule

There are fights still left to fight

For this thinly jaded fool

Despite the love unseen, and this love that is ignored, let love breed furthermore

No thank you's

No praises

Nor glory thirsted for

Let love live more and more, in this calm quiet moment

And this rest before the war