My Aunt and I sat and talked,

She said something I wrongfully thought

To be wickedly wise

And I mislaid that entire day

Being mad


The next day she became sick and the next day she collapsed

And after that

She died


As I look back, I see the truth was that my foolish mind

Was solely on the defense that one day

As we all are from time to time

Or day to day

And that day was the last day I saw my Aunt


While she never knew my anger and never knew the shame

that soaks my closing eyes

She will also never know the precious effect of my final time with her

And though this guilt of conscious

Will forever sting

These despairs have ushered into sight

An appreciation for life

Opening my eyes

To a better existence that savors every day

And a life that has no time for angry words

And wasted rage


For now my Aunt has left with me the greatest gift of regret

That has taught me to accept

A life less stressed

A life of aging greater sense


To Beauty’s privilege














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