To care is to live with a weight

A weight that pushes, preys and bates your very bones

A weight that skimps against your skin,

     wisps within your ears

Fills yours thoughts with worries,

     with pains and ever-flowing tears

This weight it fills your soul with everlasting fears

Likewise, each year, love grows as lifetime nears

For the larger grows your heart, the tighter grows the strain

And the greater grows the rain, the more of yourself

You blame


Is the anguish worth the idyll?

You cannot help but ask

Is this life of love good fortune? A burden?  The answer grasps your back

A voice, a face, a creature in a mask

A friend, a foe, a being dressed in black

He softly speaks your thoughts, he chatters like a bat

Though love is paired with pain, that pain is love itself

That stress, that guilt, that pressure, that weight that you must bare

Is there because you want it, is there because you care

To love and be loved back is all that one can ask

A creature with a voice, a friend dressed all in black

From your heart he knows the truth to all that you can ask

"Good fortune is the answer"

He whispers from your back