The Blind Girl ±10in. x 10in. ±25.4cm. x 25.4cm., oil on panel
Facade ±40in. x 30in., ±101.5cm. x 76.2cm., c.2014 oil on canvas
Charade ±48in. x 60in., ±25.4cm. x 25.4cm., oil on canvas
Fact & Flower II ±12in. x 9in. ±30.4cm. x 22.9cm., oil on panel
Curious Needs ±22.25in. x 30in., ±56.5cm. x 76.2cm. c.2010 oil on paper
Deeds of the Saints ±27in. x 30.5in., ±68.6cm. x 77.5cm. c.2012 oil on panel
I Come to Rest ±32in. x 48in., ±81.3cm. x 122cm. c.2009 oil on panel
Greenwich ±12in. x 7in. ±30.5cm. x 17.8cm., oil on panel
In Waiting ±12.75in. x 8.75in., ±32.4cm. x 22.2cm., c.2014 oil on panel
Hemispheres ±37in. x 25in. ±94cm. x 63.5cm., oil on panel
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