CURIOUS NEEDS ±22.25in. x 30in., ±56.5cm. x 76.2cm. c.2010 oil on paper
CURIOUS NEEDS I love these bones and pins and little wicked things that spin... But someone did once tell me, that a man who loves odd things Is a man who seeks to find what a lifetime never brings And that man is doomed to die by his unrequited dreams Don’t fancy what is strange He said Do not question life within The clouds hold too much mystery Above a sea too big to swim ... Listen to those words Such sad and hopeless words! So callous, so cold, what a gloomy way to side To give up on enticement is to sit through life untried For the man who spoke those words, had an empty life inside Curiosity killed the cat But it keeps the heart alive For who would want to live With no dreams beneath their eyes? The pursuit of one’s own liking, be it odd or deemed as gore Is the key to life’s desires; to so much love and more So these little things that spin These tiny bones and pins Seem to be What I adore