FEATURED IMAGINE DRAGONS - SHOTS directed by Robert Hales An extraordinary collaboration of music and art - bringing timeless visuals to the brilliant sounds of Billboard's #1 album, Smoke & Mirrors. SHOTS is a strikingly upbeat song with deep, conflicting lyrics set in a virtual museum of Tim Cantor’s art.
FEATURED THE ORIGINS OF NOSTALGIA Narrated by John Cavanagh 'Nostalgia' is one of the largest scale paintings Tim Cantor has composed in his life so far, and perhaps one of the most profound. Painted as an amplified tale of two thoroughly opposite ways of being, 'Nostalgia' portrays the embodiment of both the past and present―giving tribute to the pains of youth that carve one's strength in age. A great merge of truth, beauty, and courage exists deeply within 'Nostalgia'—in its narrative, in its heart, and in its bravery of portrayal.
FEATURED A STUDY INTO THE ARTIST'S SELF-DEPICTION Narrated by John Cavanagh This fascinating film explores why Tim Cantor occasionally depicts his own likeness into specified paintings. Three varied works are studied to uncover unpredictable meanings. His exceptional expansion on the "self-portrait" radically fluctuates with each piece, wearing the implications of time, fear, love, and altogether mystery.