2012 - 2011

The Fragility ±30in. x 30in., ±76.2cm. x 76.2cm. c.2012 oil on panel ARTIST'S WRITING CLOSER DETAILS
THE FRAGILITY I discuss the world around me, always when alone The words of complex age have bled into my head Images, shapes, dyes of different tones What are these thoughts I have? Often I don’t know A woman, a child, fire and a ring Simple some might say The circle is our life, the clock burns away, child becomes grown Wage it with a curtain And there I have my answer – One more painted panel that chants my fear of time Perhaps I’ve painted youth, youth held tight through lasting years A sense, a wish An eye that cries a child’s tears A tone, a dream, a mind that lights with simple cares The infant is quite clear, the figure sways the stage The ring that circles round links our newborn soul with age The fire is the fight that pulls our youth away And there I have my answer – A ruby painted hope that the sights once seen in youth Stay alive both new and old – and persist in life and truth The absolute of meaning is beyond my striving thoughts This flush of shadowed red, it veils my sight defined, yet leaves my thoughts alive That scarlet riddled wall, it links all sights as one Visions from my sleep, visions from my wake, visions in between The child, the ring, the woman, the fire; these are one the same Myself, my hopes, my wife, my fears – truth burns in the flame Though truth may foil faith Faith forever stays And there I have my answer – A crimson sweeping mark of one soul yet undone A painting of all life And all souls marked as one