2012 - 2011

The Dreamer ±20in. x 14in., ±50.8cm. x 35.6cm. c.2012 oil on panel ARTIST'S WRITING CLOSER DETAILS
THE DREAMER Is there a heaven up above? A hell just below? You never cared to ask, since man wrote all we know Your dress, your skin, your clothes that others spun Why try to fight the past? Why try to change what’s done? You’ve been wrought by books and reign By the gun By the eyes of taste and rum Stand out? Be clear? Why change your face to one? Like quarry Like prey who won’t succumb You don’t dare tap the drum You’re a specter in the crowd You’re but a shadow in this sun Yet your hidden ground holds wishes Warm mysteries still to come You see beauty in cold mud, in the dust  reflections where law sees none You walk beside yourself, staring back at your black coat You’re alone, all alone, where you can dream and think and float You hold the key, you see, to love and joy and pain It’s there, in your hand In the grain In the tears that you call rain Heaven? Hell? The question still remains Never shall you answer, for only dreams run through your veins Why answer to your fears? Why face the etched dismay? You’re lovely, though shrouded, ghostly in your own way Concealed within the chaos, you shape your tranquil clay You close your eyes In disguise At peace you dream away