AFFINITÉ ‘AFFINITÉ’ is currently being proofed for a limited edition release and is available now for a special pre-publication exhibition price. mixed media edition on canvas, signed with original hand-embellishments by Tim Cantor (limited edition size of 333 with 33 Artist’s Proofs) 1,900 unframed 2,500 framed After the release: 2,100 unframed 2,700 framed ARTIST'S WRITING CLOSER DETAILS
AFFINITÉ Roughened are the waters that seek my cherished skies Each sky, each tide, each plea to be alive Wishes feed my moments, my hungers to survive Strive, strive, til death I am alive Balanced in the air, midlife cloaks my limbs My past, my fate, my inner rage within Hopes have passed and been, yet hope still wraps my skin Like limbo as my veil, I soar here in between The waves, the swells, the deep green cold citrine The gold, the clouds, more eager is my dream The sea, the green, it temptly closes in—fear flecks the other side Blinded by my likeness, I mock this mortal dive Vanquished by my thirst, my thirst for fate defied The stars I have foreseen, old age in passioned stride I soar here in between, ambition soaks my hide Each sky, each tide, my hungers to survive Strive, strive, til death I am alive